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The Learning Co-op is a group of experienced educators offering a variety of online services, from language tutoring to editing and translations. At The Learning Co-op, we believe that learning is a cooperative venture involving teachers and students. We strive to create a personal relationship with our students that will allow us to understand how to best meet their needs, adapt to their learning styles, and help meet challenges. View more


Hello language learners! We are looking to enroll students in two promotional language classes, Introduction to Italian and Introduction to Mandarin Chinese. Classes will be recorded and shared with students so that they will always be able to go back and listen to the lesson again. The cost per class is an incredible $10. All we ask is that once enrolled, students commit to attending classes for the duration of the course. Our collaborative language-learning strategy works best in groups, so we need to make sure that students show up for class. At the end of each class, you will receive a link for the recording that will enable you to listen to the lesson again. We don’t even mind if you share the lessons with others. In fact, we are so confident that you will enjoy this class that we trust you will spread the word and come back for more! At the end of week 15, you will receive a certificate of attendance from The Learning Co-op. Learn more

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