15-week introduction to Italian and Mandarin

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These classes are an introduction to the basic vocabulary and grammar of Italian and Mandarin Chinese. We will use a specific language acquisition strategy called TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.) TPRS is based on the idea that to acquire a new language, students need both comprehensible input (CI: words and structures that are understandable to the learner) and enough practice and repetition of the new vocabulary and language structures. In the TPRS class, the teacher guides the students in constructing stories that are used to deliver and practice new speech. Reading is used to reinforce and enrich vocabulary and grammar. Many studies suggest that TPRS students outperform students taught with other methods in several aspects, including the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar, as well as the development of reading and speaking skills. TPRS students also seem to outperform students taught with other methodologies with regard to speed and volume of learning. One important reason for the success of TPRS is that it makes for a really fun experience. Students are focused on communicating rather than language learning. You can read more about TPRS here.

Why group classes?

TPRS works best in groups. Group classes provide more opportunities for repetition and interaction, thus enhancing learning. It is also our experience that groups can be composed of students of different ages. This does not impact learning. If you have children of different ages who are interested in taking the class, we encourage you to enroll them together. The only prerequisite is that they can read. You may even wish to share the experience with them! For this class, we are looking to recruit a maximum of 10 students. Because we believe in the validity of this method and want to familiarize students with it, we are offering you the opportunity to take the class at the very low cost of $10 per lesson.* To accommodate both school-age children and working adults, we have set the meetings for Friday evenings from 3-4 ET (Italian) and 5-6 ET (Mandarin), starting from September 16, 2022.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, fill out the form below. Specify the language you want to learn in the message area. We will then send you the instructions for the payment and the link for the Zoom meetings. If you are enrolling more than one person, write their names in the message area. We will bill you accordingly.

    *Advanced payment of the total cost of the course is required