Who we are and what we do

Online Tutoring and Translation Services

The Learning Co-op is a group of experienced educators offering online tutoring and translation services. At The Learning Co-op, we believe that learning is a cooperative venture involving teachers and students. We strive to create a personal relationship with our students that will allow us to understand how to best meet their needs, adapt to their learning style, and help meet challenges.

Our primary focus is on the teaching of world languages. If your child is experiencing difficulties in learning a foreign language, you have come to the right place. Likewise, if you are an adult who wants to learn or perfect the knowledge of one of the languages listed on this site, we can help.  

Thanks to our decades-long experience in education, we are also able to mentor our students and coach them in study/ test-taking skills in a variety of subjects. Please see the additional subjects section for further information.

You can visit our services category to find out what subjects, languages, and services we offer. To learn more about us, visit our educators‘ page.

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