Online language-learning tools

The following is a list of some of our favorite online language-learning tools:

Duolingo – This is a computer and phone app that allows users to build up and review pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence structure. It supports most major world languages and some artificial ones like Klingon and High Valyrian

FluentU – An impressive collection of videos complete with subtitles, vocabulary lists, and downloadable PDFs of the video script. Some features are only available through a paid subscription.

Gimkit – This is a competitive quiz game builder where participants can win (virtual) money by answering questions correctly (or lose it by giving the wrong answer.) Gimkit has some special features that allow a player to multiply their winnings or affect other players. The Icer, for instance, freezes the competitor for 15 seconds. For a quick explanation of how Gimkit works, see this short video: gimkit – a quick overview . Players can play individually or in teams

Kahoot – Another quiz-game builder. Players participate individually or in teams. This tool has evolved, becoming more versatile and now allowing for study mode (flashcards and study groups,) presentations, and games. There are 3 versions of Kahoot, with the premium version costing as little as $4 per month. However, the free version is quite adequate for daily practice.

Quizizz – This app can be used to assign tasks as well as to play games. Teachers create questions that the students will answer in a poll or in a quiz form.

Quizlet – One of the oldest and most successful language-learning tools, Quizlet is based on sets. These can be vocabulary lists with definitions, sample sentences, grammar rules, or whatever the learner needs to practice. Once the set is created, it can be practiced through flashcards, tests, and games.

WordwallAn online tool for creating learning activities. Teachers can enter the topic that they want to cover into the Wordwall and receive a variety of ready-made, customizable activities such as quizzes, word games, maze chases, etc. One of the perks of this tool is that it provides printable PDFs of the activities. The free version offers a limited number of activities, no printables, and allows the user to create only five sets.  

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